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This membership type is for community-based and non-profit organisations with a budget of less than US$200,000 per year. This membership can be FREE or you can elect to pay a small amount each year to support the activities and mission of the ISCA. We want to support your organisation and are happy for you to set your own membership fee. Small organisations with little or no operating budget should set the fee below to zero, larger organisations with more resources may elect to pay something, we suggest $50 per year.

Members in New Zealand will be charged 15% GST.

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The ISCA stores your details in our database so that you can login to our membership systems and so we can contact you about your membership. Your details will never be shared with anyone without your permission. Your name, institution, and country will appear on our website and you can elect what other details appear in our Member Directory.


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By submitting this membership application you agree to abide by the conditions and rules of our Constitution. Individual members are considered members once the completed application form is submitted and payment has been received. Organisational members must be approved by a vote of the Board, normally within one (1) month of application. Payment by invoice may be available if required on request.

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