Sponsor ISCA

Sponsor ISCA

We can offer your business a range of ways to connect with our international audience and give something back through sponsorship. Being a part of ISCA as a sponsor can help organisations exceed CSR goals by supporting social impact in real ways. ISCA’s own sustainability goals, both social and organisational, enable practices and actions in line with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Engaging with our community through sponsorship helps your organisation to be seen and understood by our broad global audience, serving value to your organisation and your employees. Engaging meaningfully with our international network of members and followers enhances brand awareness and signals your organisation’s interest in developing global human connectedness. Encourage respect for and an appreciation of diverse ideas, perspectives and approaches for your stakeholders by being part of a larger association of people endeavouring to understand the meaning of trust, reciprocity and human connectedness.

Sponsorship opportunities of all sizes are available for single events, event series, website posts, website adverts, emailouts, conferences, research or combinations of the above. To find out more about our sponsorship options and to receive a media pack, complete this quick form:


By sponsoring ISCA we will direct this contribution to further the Association’s vision to understand the link between humans and their sense of belonging.

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