Why Join ISCA?

Why Join ISCA?

ISCA is an exciting organisation with a wide range of opportunities for you to connect and be part of the international social capital community.  

Why join us: 

  • Be part of the international networked community of practice and research
  • Connect with the best minds on social capital research and practice
  • Develop knowledge and understanding at our engaging online events
  • Gain influence through our career-enhancing networks
  • Be part of the international collective voice, representing research and practice
  • Contribute to advancing the scholarship of social capital
  • Advance your career through nurtured connections with our members
  • Gain recognition as a leader by joining a Special Interest Group
  • Access exclusive and member-only resources, awards & member directory

Become a member

In short, being part of ISCA gives you access to a wealth of benefits both personally and professionally. Join us now as we grow and develop our organisation.

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