Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision & Mission

The ISCA aims to:


A world where social capital and its outcomes are valued, researched, and enabled amongst all peoples, so they may benefit from human sociability and connectedness.


Advance the research on and the application of the social capital concept for the benefit of all.

Advance the scholarship of social capital through development and clarification of conceptual and methodological approaches
Improve the usefulness and practical application of the social capital concept to increase its impact for the benefit of everyone
Cultivate a thriving global community focused on social capital research and practice
Be a trusted and accessible source for social capital theory, research, practice, and policy advice
Make information about social capital research and practice widely available
Engage in activities, projects and programmes related to social capital, with the potential for revenue generation
Return or disperse some of the surplus varied types of “capital” toward initiatives aligned with the organisation’s aims, vision and values
Facilitate opportunities to publish, present, and promote social capital research and practical application

Our Values

Inclusivity – foster and promote diversity, equity & inclusion;

Connection – foster and promote collaboration and a sense of belonging;

Support – encourage giving, sharing, and helping;

Service – work for the benefit of our membership and wider society;

Integrity – operate with honesty, accountability, and ethical behaviour;

Excellence – foster and promote excellence in scholarly inquiry;

Pluralism – encourage respect for and appreciation of diverse ideas, perspectives, approaches, and methods;

Sustainability – to support and enable practices and actions in line with Sustainable Development Goals;

Giving – to return or disperse gained benefit to further the Society’s vision.

The Culture (or “tikanga” in the Māori practices of New Zealand) of the association is such that it:

Our Culture

  1. Welcomes people from all backgrounds, such as any race, sex, gender-identity, culture, disability, appearance, or any other grouping or categorization;
  2. Acts in accordance with democratic processes;
  3. Seeks to keep in balance Members from all backgrounds to be represented within the Board and other official bodies of the Society;
  4. Practices development and growth in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and encourages its members to consider the same;
  5. Does not tolerate discrimination, bullying, or sexual harassment between its Members, Associates, Directors, collaborators, partners or the public;
  6. Commits to action or practical application to solve the world’s most pressing problems

Become a member

Becoming a founding member of an already thriving community discussing and collaborating on Social Capital.

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