Code of conduct

Code of conduct

ISCA is an international organisation of people from all backgrounds, countries and with a range of experiences. Our culture is one of respect and inclusion, promoting diversity and equity. Collaboration and a sense of belonging are central to our aim to benefit all members and the wider international society. Ethical behaviour and operating with integrity and honesty are at the core of the conduct anticipated for all of our members, attendees, volunteers and staff.

In your engagements with ISCA volunteers, members, staff and associates, please join in demonstrating the core ISCA values of:

  • Integrity and imagination
  • Support and service
  • Collaboration and connection
  • Agreement and assistance

The Culture (or “tikanga” in the Māori practices of New Zealand) of our Association is such that our core values are written into our constitution.


  • Welcome people from all backgrounds, such as any race, sex, gender identity, culture, disability, appearance, or any other grouping or categorisation;
  • Act following democratic processes;
  • Seek to keep in balance members from all backgrounds to be represented within all formal and informal bodies of the Association;
  • Practice development and growth in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and encourage to consider the same;
  • Do not tolerate discrimination, bullying, or sexual harassment between our members, associates, directors, collaborators, partners or the public;
  • Commis to action and practical application to solve the world’s most pressing problems
  • Foster and promote excellence in scholarly and practical inquiry

Join our organisation to become part of the conversation and to shape the future of our community-led organisation.

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