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Exploring the outcomes of social capital

April 27, 2023 @ 6:00 am - 7:30 am AEST


Tristan Claridge

International Social Capital Association

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Social capital has been described by some authors as lubricating the fabric of society and allowing modern economies to function efficiently (Fukuyama 2001). It is claimed that our society, economy, institutions, and political system could not exist without social capital; it is a glue that holds society and institutions together and lubricates their function.

However, social capital remains an elusive concept, difficult to define, involving uncertain processes, and yet charged with important outcomes. The academic literature is typically vague about what it is, what it does, and the mechanisms that produce the claimed outcomes.

This webinar will explore the outcomes of social capital. From the literature, it is clear social capital does something, and that something relates to people’s actions. Many scholars state that it facilitates cooperation and collective action, results in information flows, reduced transaction costs, social introductions, and many other actions. However, is it all social action or only certain actions? I will explore different types of action and consider which types are outcomes of social capital and which are not. Exploring the outcomes of social capital is useful in identifying what it is and separating it from what it does.

About the presenter:

Tristan Claridge has been researching and applying social capital for over 20 years. Tristan is a geographer and environmental scientist with a passion for social processes and how social value is identified and communicated. Tristan has a deep and grounded understanding of social capital and its application, having worked on the concept from theoretical and practical perspectives. He draws on lessons from economics, sociology, political science, psychology, urban planning, and any other discipline that contributes understanding to the concept. In addition to his practical work with the concept, Tristan has been an active contributor to the academic debate about social capital. He has written over 200 open-access articles on social capital and related topics and is actively engaged in ongoing research.

About Our Webinar Series

This event is part of our regular webinar sessions for social capital researchers including PhD/master students. These sessions include invited presentations from prominent scholars as well as presentations by PhD students and experts in professional practice.

For social capital researchers, these sessions are an opportunity to hear about the latest social capital research and insights from scholars working on the concept. They can be a great way to connect with people, to get advice, discuss ideas or issues, get suggestions for literature to read, or you can just listen.

Are you researching social capital and want to present your research? Click here for more information and to submit a proposal.

Generally, presentations can be 20 to 30 mins. The content of your presentation will depend on your research stage.

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