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Invited Speaker

Professor Eric M. Uslaner

Professor of Government and Politics University of Maryland–College Park College Park MD 20742

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Social cohesion is a multifaceted concept including generalized trust, measures of well-being such as socio-economic conditions (are people thriving, suffering, or struggling) and whether they accept diversity, and national identity (belonging to a nation and deserving its welfare benefits).

I first consider trust, moving from what constitutes trust in different scenarios, how they differ from each other, which forms of trust are most stable, and how best to measure trust. I then consider determinants of trust, specifically inequality and segregation.

Then I consider well-being and its determinants and focus on the historical role of education in shaping both trust and finally, I consider variants of well-being and their determinants. I pay particular attention to the inclusivity of trust and how feelings about identity shape politics–and how political views are shaped by how the less inclusive sense of identity affects how deserving minorities are for government programs by the majority.

About the presenter:

Eric M. Uslaner is Professor of Government and Politics at the University of Maryland–College Park. He the author of eleven books, including The Historical Roots of Corruption (Cambridge University Press, 2017), The Moral Foundations of Trust (Cambridge University Press, 2002; Chinese translation, Chinese Social Sciences Press, 2007; Korean translation, Today\’s Books, 2014), Corruption, Inequality, and the Rule of Law: (Cambridge University Press, 2008; paperback, 2010; Chinese translation forthcoming 2018, Chinese Social Sciences Press; Japanese translation, Nippon Hyoron Sha, 2011), Segregation and Mistrust: Diversity, Isolation, and Social Cohesion (Cambridge University Press, 2012), The Movers and the Shirkers (University of Michigan Pressk 1999), The Decline of Comity in Congress (University of Michigan Press, 1993), Shale Barrel Politics (Stanford University Press, 1989) and approximately 200 articles. He is the editor of the Oxford Handbook of Social and Political Trust (Oxford University Press, 2018). He has been a consultant to the United Nations Human Development Fund and the Taihe Institute of Beijing, China. He is also a Research Associate for the Gallup Organization and the co-editor with Nils Holtug of National Identity and Social Cohesion (ECPR Press, 2021) and with Chong-Min Kim, Inequality and Democratic Poltics in East Asia (Routledge, 2019).

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