President: Role Description

President: Role Description

The President is the most senior Officer of the organisation with a central role as Chair of the board of Directors. They are responsible for setting the organisation’s direction and therefore it is imperative that they have a good understanding of ISCA’s history and underpinning ethos. Candidates must be able to demonstrate their commitment to the ISCA mission, vision and values, and an in-depth understanding of social capital and its applications, alongside the skills to manage a diverse team in an ever-changing environment.

Role Requirements

If you would like to apply for this role, please review the Ordinary Director role, responsibilities and expectations document. The President role will encompass those requirements and the following.  These are the criteria by which applicants will be shortlisted and appointed. In your application, you should ensure that you demonstrate how you meet these requirements.

The role holder must show evidence of:

  • Understanding ISCA history, ethos and values
  • Commitment to furthering the values of the organisation

The role holder must show evidence of their ability to:

  • Inspire action
  • Enable others
  • Listen effectively
  • Understand and respond to the needs of a diverse team
  • Consider options impartially and in a balanced way
  • Effectively delegate work
  • Use collaborative tools to a high degree of proficiency
  • Prioritise the needs of the organisation
  • Build strong relationships based on trust and mutual respect
  • Manage internal conflict effectively
  • Exercise diplomacy in challenging situations
  • Represent the organisation at all levels
  • Operate with the highest levels of integrity
  • Be transparent
  • Learn new skills and technical applications

The role holder must evidence experience of:

  • Leading an organisation
  • Developing others
  • Building a team
  • Managing a remote, preferably international, team
  • Managing complex projects/work streams with competing demands
  • Corporate governance
  • Scholarly or professional activity linked to social capital
  • Administration and use of IT applications in a professional setting


  • Provide leadership to the organisation
  • Promote ISCA vision, mission and values
  • Take responsibility for the overall direction of the organisation
  • Coordinate the work of the Board
  • Chair Board meetings
  • Ensure important topics for discussion are raised in a timely fashion
  • Ensure that all Directors’ views and thoughts are heard
  • Ensure that the Board adheres to the Constitution
  • Chair the Annual General Meeting (and Extraordinary Meetings if required)
  • Ensure the AGM is conducted in accordance with the Constitution
  • Make provision for Members’ views and thoughts to be heard
  • Hosting organisational events
  • Act as the “public face” of the organisation
  • Represent the organisation at public events
  • Other tasks commensurate with the role
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