Membership fee reduction application

Membership fee reduction application

If you do not have the financial means to pay the ISCA membership fees, please request a reduction. Fee reductions are only available for individual membership types (Individual, Student, and Retired) and are not available for Life Membership. Membership fees allow our association to progress our mission, but we do not want money to be a barrier for anyone to become a member of our association. We value inclusion and accessibility for everyone in the world, so please request a fee reduction if our membership fees are a barrier to becoming a member.

Partial Fee Waiver

ISCA awards partial fee waivers to people who require a reduction in our membership fees in order to be able to access membership in our association. Individuals awarded a partial fee waiver will only pay 30% of the applicable membership fee. This reduction, in combination with our tiered fee structure, should make membership affordable for everyone.

Application form

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